A Torch is Ignited – #CEMEX

VOP Occupation of Cemex Property explodes as it enters its 5th day of demanding an Investigation.

Social Media.

It was a tool designed to imprison the Human Mind in a fictional Reality, but when utilized properly… it can awaken MILLIONS.

Between Craig Sawyer, V4CR, and VOP, there was no way for Media to cover up the Truth. Here you will see a Decorated Navy Seal tell the World what is truly happening during the Cemex Occupation.

On June 2nd, another round of Border Teams, including Tim Foley of Arizona Border Recon, explore the Cemex Property, surrounding perimeters, and confirm what was then being referred to as a “Child Rape Camp.” AZBR Founder located the “bed down” spot of the Cartel Scout still monitoring our activities… not 100 yards from where my Team was positioned and we never saw him move in.

I knew we were in a serious situation, but I did not anticipate being flanked so close without any inclination. My Drone was occupied hovering over the frontage road as we did not want our Observer to know that he was being monitored. Subject is spotted back on TO Reservation Boundary along the Pipeline later that evening.

A Group of Private Investigators, still by my side to this day, returned to the scene with Intelligence that Communications were intercepted at Florence Prison mentioning our Occupation of Cemex. Apparently, not only were Children being trafficked, but we were sitting on top of a Drug Route that belonged to the TO Reservation Prison Gang known as the Danes.

Every time I thought to myself that shit just got real… I was hit with something else that compounded the Opposition.

By June 3rd, there was no turning back. Local Authorities would only come out to try and convince our Team to vacate the Property. Another Camp was discovered, more Children items uncovered, and both the FBI and DHS still refused to come secure the Crime Scene.

Knowing deep in my heart something terrible happened at that Camp, SEVERAL SOMETHINGS… and watching so many people more experienced in this area react with raw emotions… I decided to vamp up “sensationalism” in order to counter the obstructionism from Government and Law Enforcement Agencies.

If a “theory” could stick, I accepted it until proven false. The sad reality is that so many “theories” turned out true.

At one point during this period, Craig Sawyer asked me to settle my supporters down because they were harassing him for being a Media Star while VOP remained on the frontlines risking everything to gain a proper Investigation. I complied in a Live Video… one need only to look for it.

I delved deeper into Research provided to me by Qanons and Anons alike. I confirmed a Patent to mix Human Blood into concrete and a DOJ Investigation into Cemex for “horrendous crimes.”

Down the Rabbit Hole I plunged further.

To be continued….

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