Darkness encloses… #CEMEX

This is the 4th installment on what really happened at the Child Sex Trafficking Camp located on Cemex Property. Please comprise yourselves of Parts 1-3 to better understand sequence of events.

The “Formula” of Walking for the Forgotten Ministry and its Program Veterans on Patrol.

5 days into Cemex Standoff…

Time is running out for my Team. For 5 straight days we were in a high stress environment, barely getting any sleep, and searching MULTIPLE Camps while collecting evidence. The more Child evidence we uncovered, the heavier the Darkness crashed upon me.

After 5 days, with no move by our Government to provide Justice for the Children who were tortured at the Camp, hope was being replaced with outrage in myself… but with fear for so many around me.

The Tucson Police Department was not going to Investigate.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation was not going to Investigate.

The Department of Homeland Security appeared to only be interested in the Drug Trafficking we uncovered and a Cartel Boss being hidden on the TO Reservation.

City Code Enforcement had previously stated they would be Citing the Property Leaser for being in noncompliance of Federal Regulations as it relates to securing Property with fencing, but now they were stating they needed to “look into it.”

No one knew the Property Leaser by name and Cemex was refusing to provide those answers when calls were made. (To this day… Anonymous and Qanons have still yet to uncover the name of the Shell Corporation.)

With Drug and Child Trafficking confirmed by dozens of experts, witnesses, and Survivors… with former Human Traffickers providing details on Illegal Trafficking Routes… we had zero doubt there would soon be a move to extinguish a Light that the Global Cabal had to eliminate. Too many people were waking up.

At Ground Zero… even the most prominent Leaders were cracking. Our Volunteers were exhausted. Our efforts continued to appear fruitless.

AZBR Tim Foley recommends I make a “big scene vacating the Property” and do so immediately. He is of the opinion that Covert Operations will be better. I believed otherwise. The Light was already shining, we had successfully used Social Media to flush out a few of the criminals involved, and the Child Rape Camp still held a plethora of DNA evidence. However, I agree to find some way to extract my Team, just not immediately.

Craig Sawyer reported that he couldn’t get any straight answers from Higher Ups, and my “approach” was being viewed as hostile by many. However, he said to stand my Ground and praised me for the job I was doing. He also states the possibility of “his Production Company” doing a Documentary of VOP after “everything is said and done.” He displayed full confidence that with our powerful Social Media presence, we would achieve a victory for the Children and ensnare those who were Trafficking them.

Craig Sawyer was, in fact, the last Leader of a Group assisting VOP who still remained optimistic. He assured me he would get the FBI to at least come talk with my Team, Witnesses, and inspect the Child Rape Camp.

So I fought on… the 6th day came… and the Government finally shows… only after a bloodstained knife preserved in tire tubing was unearth. Only then did Authorities move in… and ONLY to REMOVE Veterans on Patrol.

To be continued…

2 thoughts on “Darkness encloses… #CEMEX

  1. I remember most of this. I was new to watching anything about cemex and VOP. But this all absolutely horrified me and gave me many sleepless nights. After many prayers I shared the info and gave heavy warning to all family and friends to be aware and to pray for the children. Prayers continuing to cover u.


  2. Omg this makes me so mad Lewis! It gives me flashbacks just thinking about all of this again and how this event was freaking memory holed!! Wake up sheeple! Lewis has told the same story since day numero uno (that’s Spanish for number one) and if you pay close attention CEMEX rhymes with REMIX and Lewis discovered that Cemex has a patent to MIX up human blood in its concrete!! Right under our noses they laugh the cabal doesnt even care! God bless you patriot Lewis

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