#ThesePeopleAreSick – Q and the Anons were right

Before I take you further into VOP’s Occupation of Cemex, I believe you will benefit if I take you on another journey…

Down the Rabbit Hole.

Anonymous confirms Cemex and witnesses Cartel push back against VOP.

Child Trafficking, Child Rape, and Child Sacrifice are Evils that have existed in our World since God cast the Enemy from the Heavens.

To even discuss Sexual Crimes against Children openly and honestly will ostracize you from an overwhelming majority of people. It is uncomfortable, and most would rather not feel that discomfort.

I would encourage everyone to first Research the #PodestaEmails


After that, dive deeper and Research:

  • Pizza Gate
  • Adrenochrome
  • Organ Harvesting
  • Spirit Cooking
  • FBI Pedophile Symbols
  • Symbolism

Research the Clinton Global Initiative, Cemex, and Haiti.

Find your own sources and the path through Plato’s Closet will either be revealed, or concealed. Your intentions dictate your outcome.

There are very sick people in this World, and the sickest of them control the entire Matrix that “Human Cattle” are quarantined in.

The Global Cabal are doing unspeakable horrors to innocent Children. They serve and worship Biblical entities that were cast down from the Heavens by God. So many know this, but so few act upon that knowledge to stop these Child Sacrifices.

I will cover more of these atrocities at a later time. For now, I ask that you pray for discernment and dedicate your time to uncovering that which has been kept hidden from you… in plain site.

Understanding these sick Evils that triggered me will help you understand why I couldn’t just walk away.

Children are being Trafficked, Raped, and Sacrificed. Nothing will change until we address these 3 Evils and stop feeding Darkness the stolen Innocence of Children.


Without Children, Man has no Future.

Without Future, Man has no Purpose.

Without Purpose, Man has no Morals.

Man without Morals, Purpose, and Future is not Man, but rather Animal.

If someone is attempting to steal your focus from the Children, they have already became the Animal.

If you allow these Animals to distract you by addressing their attacks on the Messenger, you are playing on their side of the fence…

Their side of the fence is where Envy, Greed, and Hatred thrive. All three of those Poisons will slowly consume you and blind you from the suffering Children continue to endure.

If people keep playing by the Devil’s rules… there will not be enough of us to save the Children.





Do something to protect THEIR Innocence and Future.

Check out: https://qmap.pub/ for further readings and choose your side soon. #StopChildTrafficking

2 thoughts on “#ThesePeopleAreSick – Q and the Anons were right

  1. The children should always be the #1 reason anyone would follow. The evil is there from very high to the lowest of low.. Our Worlds Children need to be saved from these atrocities. How can one turn their back on this?

    Liked by 1 person

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