Cemex Child Sex Trafficking Camp

Rape Tree authenticated by Craig Sawyer, Tim Foley, Dean Remmington, former Tucson Firefighter, and MULTIPLE Survivors.

When I unravel…

Not my proudest moment. I have had worse before and after… but not my proudest.

The Government moves in after a bloodstained knife is unearthed by the President of the Davis-Monthan Spouses Club.

The Wives of your Sheepdogs who SERVE you.

I just evacuated my Child, other Children, my Wife, several Volunteers who worked in City/State Government, and my Service Dog after State Police illegally detained 2 of my Volunteers… who are PATRIOTS!


In the very near future, I will fill in many pieces as it relates to this Video. I do not hide the fact that I was unstable at this point. If you were never raped as a child… if you never needed rescued… if you never dwelled in the Dark…

You wouldn’t understand.

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