Cemex Child Sex Trafficking Camp

Rape Tree authenticated by Craig Sawyer, Tim Foley, Dean Remmington, former Tucson Firefighter, and MULTIPLE Survivors.

When I unravel…

Not my proudest moment. I have had worse before and after… but not my proudest.

The Government moves in after a bloodstained knife is unearthed by the President of the Davis-Monthan Spouses Club.

The Wives of your Sheepdogs who SERVE you.

I just evacuated my Child, other Children, my Wife, several Volunteers who worked in City/State Government, and my Service Dog after State Police illegally detained 2 of my Volunteers… who are PATRIOTS!


In the very near future, I will fill in many pieces as it relates to this Video. I do not hide the fact that I was unstable at this point. If you were never raped as a child… if you never needed rescued… if you never dwelled in the Dark…

You wouldn’t understand.


Before I continue exposing the events and players involved in the Cemex Child Sex Trafficking Camp located in Tucson AZ…

Watch the Tucson Police Department ADMIT that the alleged Architect of the Child Sex Trafficking Camp admitted that they were helping poor Migrants from Mexico…


Stand by for further exposure…


#ThesePeopleAreSick – Q and the Anons were right

Before I take you further into VOP’s Occupation of Cemex, I believe you will benefit if I take you on another journey…

Down the Rabbit Hole.

Anonymous confirms Cemex and witnesses Cartel push back against VOP.

Child Trafficking, Child Rape, and Child Sacrifice are Evils that have existed in our World since God cast the Enemy from the Heavens.

To even discuss Sexual Crimes against Children openly and honestly will ostracize you from an overwhelming majority of people. It is uncomfortable, and most would rather not feel that discomfort.

I would encourage everyone to first Research the #PodestaEmails


After that, dive deeper and Research:

  • Pizza Gate
  • Adrenochrome
  • Organ Harvesting
  • Spirit Cooking
  • FBI Pedophile Symbols
  • Symbolism

Research the Clinton Global Initiative, Cemex, and Haiti.

Find your own sources and the path through Plato’s Closet will either be revealed, or concealed. Your intentions dictate your outcome.

There are very sick people in this World, and the sickest of them control the entire Matrix that “Human Cattle” are quarantined in.

The Global Cabal are doing unspeakable horrors to innocent Children. They serve and worship Biblical entities that were cast down from the Heavens by God. So many know this, but so few act upon that knowledge to stop these Child Sacrifices.

I will cover more of these atrocities at a later time. For now, I ask that you pray for discernment and dedicate your time to uncovering that which has been kept hidden from you… in plain site.

Understanding these sick Evils that triggered me will help you understand why I couldn’t just walk away.

Children are being Trafficked, Raped, and Sacrificed. Nothing will change until we address these 3 Evils and stop feeding Darkness the stolen Innocence of Children.


Without Children, Man has no Future.

Without Future, Man has no Purpose.

Without Purpose, Man has no Morals.

Man without Morals, Purpose, and Future is not Man, but rather Animal.

If someone is attempting to steal your focus from the Children, they have already became the Animal.

If you allow these Animals to distract you by addressing their attacks on the Messenger, you are playing on their side of the fence…

Their side of the fence is where Envy, Greed, and Hatred thrive. All three of those Poisons will slowly consume you and blind you from the suffering Children continue to endure.

If people keep playing by the Devil’s rules… there will not be enough of us to save the Children.





Do something to protect THEIR Innocence and Future.

Check out: https://qmap.pub/ for further readings and choose your side soon. #StopChildTrafficking

Darkness encloses… #CEMEX

This is the 4th installment on what really happened at the Child Sex Trafficking Camp located on Cemex Property. Please comprise yourselves of Parts 1-3 to better understand sequence of events.

The “Formula” of Walking for the Forgotten Ministry and its Program Veterans on Patrol.

5 days into Cemex Standoff…

Time is running out for my Team. For 5 straight days we were in a high stress environment, barely getting any sleep, and searching MULTIPLE Camps while collecting evidence. The more Child evidence we uncovered, the heavier the Darkness crashed upon me.

After 5 days, with no move by our Government to provide Justice for the Children who were tortured at the Camp, hope was being replaced with outrage in myself… but with fear for so many around me.

The Tucson Police Department was not going to Investigate.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation was not going to Investigate.

The Department of Homeland Security appeared to only be interested in the Drug Trafficking we uncovered and a Cartel Boss being hidden on the TO Reservation.

City Code Enforcement had previously stated they would be Citing the Property Leaser for being in noncompliance of Federal Regulations as it relates to securing Property with fencing, but now they were stating they needed to “look into it.”

No one knew the Property Leaser by name and Cemex was refusing to provide those answers when calls were made. (To this day… Anonymous and Qanons have still yet to uncover the name of the Shell Corporation.)

With Drug and Child Trafficking confirmed by dozens of experts, witnesses, and Survivors… with former Human Traffickers providing details on Illegal Trafficking Routes… we had zero doubt there would soon be a move to extinguish a Light that the Global Cabal had to eliminate. Too many people were waking up.

At Ground Zero… even the most prominent Leaders were cracking. Our Volunteers were exhausted. Our efforts continued to appear fruitless.

AZBR Tim Foley recommends I make a “big scene vacating the Property” and do so immediately. He is of the opinion that Covert Operations will be better. I believed otherwise. The Light was already shining, we had successfully used Social Media to flush out a few of the criminals involved, and the Child Rape Camp still held a plethora of DNA evidence. However, I agree to find some way to extract my Team, just not immediately.

Craig Sawyer reported that he couldn’t get any straight answers from Higher Ups, and my “approach” was being viewed as hostile by many. However, he said to stand my Ground and praised me for the job I was doing. He also states the possibility of “his Production Company” doing a Documentary of VOP after “everything is said and done.” He displayed full confidence that with our powerful Social Media presence, we would achieve a victory for the Children and ensnare those who were Trafficking them.

Craig Sawyer was, in fact, the last Leader of a Group assisting VOP who still remained optimistic. He assured me he would get the FBI to at least come talk with my Team, Witnesses, and inspect the Child Rape Camp.

So I fought on… the 6th day came… and the Government finally shows… only after a bloodstained knife preserved in tire tubing was unearth. Only then did Authorities move in… and ONLY to REMOVE Veterans on Patrol.

To be continued…

A Torch is Ignited – #CEMEX

VOP Occupation of Cemex Property explodes as it enters its 5th day of demanding an Investigation.

Social Media.

It was a tool designed to imprison the Human Mind in a fictional Reality, but when utilized properly… it can awaken MILLIONS.

Between Craig Sawyer, V4CR, and VOP, there was no way for Media to cover up the Truth. Here you will see a Decorated Navy Seal tell the World what is truly happening during the Cemex Occupation.

On June 2nd, another round of Border Teams, including Tim Foley of Arizona Border Recon, explore the Cemex Property, surrounding perimeters, and confirm what was then being referred to as a “Child Rape Camp.” AZBR Founder located the “bed down” spot of the Cartel Scout still monitoring our activities… not 100 yards from where my Team was positioned and we never saw him move in.

I knew we were in a serious situation, but I did not anticipate being flanked so close without any inclination. My Drone was occupied hovering over the frontage road as we did not want our Observer to know that he was being monitored. Subject is spotted back on TO Reservation Boundary along the Pipeline later that evening.

A Group of Private Investigators, still by my side to this day, returned to the scene with Intelligence that Communications were intercepted at Florence Prison mentioning our Occupation of Cemex. Apparently, not only were Children being trafficked, but we were sitting on top of a Drug Route that belonged to the TO Reservation Prison Gang known as the Danes.

Every time I thought to myself that shit just got real… I was hit with something else that compounded the Opposition.

By June 3rd, there was no turning back. Local Authorities would only come out to try and convince our Team to vacate the Property. Another Camp was discovered, more Children items uncovered, and both the FBI and DHS still refused to come secure the Crime Scene.

Knowing deep in my heart something terrible happened at that Camp, SEVERAL SOMETHINGS… and watching so many people more experienced in this area react with raw emotions… I decided to vamp up “sensationalism” in order to counter the obstructionism from Government and Law Enforcement Agencies.

If a “theory” could stick, I accepted it until proven false. The sad reality is that so many “theories” turned out true.

At one point during this period, Craig Sawyer asked me to settle my supporters down because they were harassing him for being a Media Star while VOP remained on the frontlines risking everything to gain a proper Investigation. I complied in a Live Video… one need only to look for it.

I delved deeper into Research provided to me by Qanons and Anons alike. I confirmed a Patent to mix Human Blood into concrete and a DOJ Investigation into Cemex for “horrendous crimes.”

Down the Rabbit Hole I plunged further.

To be continued….

Sometimes Free Will does not include a Choice

Never before seen photo of Lewis Arthur, VOP Founder/Program Creator, preparing for Night Operations on occupied Cemex Property approximately 60yrds from the Child Sex Trafficking Camp. This was taken June 1st, 3 nights after discovering the Camp.

Child Trafficking…

June 1st… my 3rd night drawing a Light to the Child Sex Trafficking Camp located on Cemex Property.

At this time, Veterans on Patrol and Vets 4 Child Rescue are working together to force a proper Investigation.

What we know:

Over 80% of evidence in Camp is Child related, including clothes, shoes, toys, car seats, strollers, child earrings, bloodstained crib mattress, and a purple comb with blonde hair entangled in it.

Most disturbing was several expensive I-Phone cases, boxes of GPS Locators for Navigation purposes, pornography, sex lube, multiple boxes of hair dye, and a Rape Tree that was Authenticated by Craig Sawyer and other experts.

I will not be covering the Child Prison Cell until later.

What was glaring is the absence of drug paraphernalia, alcohol, and adult clothing. Over 30 pairs of Children shoes are scattered across Property.

The Media push started by CBI, a City Service Provider who examined the Camp and confirmed Child Trafficking most probable, Homeless Camp least probable, is gaining momentum and Social Media is on fire.

Tucson Police Department has still sent no one to Investigate citing their Human Trafficking Unit was in Florida at a Convention. We meet for the 3rd consecutive day to negotiate VOP vacating the Property at the request of the Property Leaser.

Intel from Property Management confirmed we are on Cemex Property that a “Mexican Mining Company” had a 30yr Lease paid for… in FULL.

Cartel Scout still present in the area. Moving further Southwest to Pipeline and T.O. Indian Reservation Boundary. Illegal Trafficking Routes from T.O. and San Xavier Missionary confirm a Western Trail towards 3 Points, Arizona.

Anonymous and a new thing called Qanon sending Intelligence on Cemex and more. Podesta Emails, Child Sacrifice, Clinton Global Initiative connections, Adrenochrome, Casa De Los Ninos, Civano Community, Rothschild, Free Masons, and FBI Pedo Symbols are dropped on me.

Down the Rabbit Hole I go after Researching.

Surrounded by experts confirming what I knew had to be the only possible explanation, a Child Trafficking Camp, and seeing all the Evidence repeatedly as I escorted Witnesses into the Camp… my Free Will to walk away was already taken from me before Craig Sawyer sold these Trafficked Children out.

It was a Child Sex Trafficking Camp.

And to this day, no proper Investigation has been done… even AFTER the Tucson Police Department admitted on a Live Video that the self-professed Architects of that camp were “helping poor Migrants from Mexico.”

If you were never abused as a Child, never needed someone to Rescue you, and never felt the Evil which stole from you…

You would have a “Choice” to walk away.

I do not.


When Hatred of a Man Trumps Love for a Child

Rape Tree Discovered at a Child Sex Trafficking Camp on CEMEX Property

Evil exists in this World, and thrives

May 29th, 2018 will always be an infamous day in Tucson, Arizona. It was on this day that ARC’s Street Team took myself and other Volunteers from Veterans on Patrol (VOP) to the Southern edge of Tucson City Limits as part of a joint Mission to find Homeless Addicts and Homeless Veterans.

It was on this day that my life changed. I went from living with Homeless Veterans for the past 3 years and building them Shelters, to realizing that Children were being trafficked, molested, raped, and sacrificed, (with a majority of the abuse taking place across the Arizona/Mexico Border) and that someone had to do something about it.

It was on this day that our Ministry evolved from the fight to prevent Veteran Suicides, to the enormous fight to #StopChildTrafficking.

It was on this day, I now realize, that every good deed I had performed would be met with punishment. Every praise once sung about my Programs and Ministry would be replaced with lies and slander. Every suicidal Veteran, drug addict, molested child, mentally ill individual, and homeless person I personally rescued would be forgotten. Almost every positive Media story done would be wiped out and replaced with a smear campaign.

Evil exists in this World and thrives because Good people do nothing… and those of us who do stand up to expose and eliminate Evil are met with a fierce hatred from those who can’t, or simply won’t.

My name is Michael Lewis Arthur Meyer, and the Testimony I will be sharing overtime on this Blog will cover many uncomfortable and controversial subjects, including Child Trafficking, Child Rape, and Child Sacrifice.

I will be setting the record straight on how the Pima County Government with the assistance of the FBI not only covered up a Child Sex Trafficking Camp on CEMEX Property, but also manipulated unsuccessful and envious individuals to slowly dismantle VOP while committing crimes against the few who were brave enough to stand up and fight back against Child Traffickers.

I will introduce you to those who betrayed the Children by hating a man Called to act, and denying they ever existed. You will see a heartbreaking reality that many you thought were heroes, were never for the Children to begin with.

I will provide irrefutable evidence of a Government who formed a Special Task Force to discredit, silence, and dismantle Veterans On Patrol. You will see evidence of crimes that include attempted murder, fraud, theft, and Abuse of Power.

Most importantly, I will show you my personal failures in life situations that have been twisted to suit false narratives about myself, my Family, and our Ministry. Evil wants to shame those of us capable of defeating it by making us care about what others think. I know Evil very intimately and Evil has no room to thrive within me, because I am now a Child of God who cares more about the suffering of Children, than the opinions of others.

In closing, I ask all of you to pray for the Children of our World. Many are still crying in the Desert, while many more have still not received Justice. Thank you for taking the time to read this. To truly know me by my heart, I encourage everyone to watch this Emmy Award Winning Documentary on my Ministry and the Shelters I built for those without a home.

Homeless Shelter built by WFTF Ministries

Evil cannot thrive unless you ignore the Truth. – SOBS