When Hatred of a Man Trumps Love for a Child

Rape Tree Discovered at a Child Sex Trafficking Camp on CEMEX Property

Evil exists in this World, and thrives

May 29th, 2018 will always be an infamous day in Tucson, Arizona. It was on this day that ARC’s Street Team took myself and other Volunteers from Veterans on Patrol (VOP) to the Southern edge of Tucson City Limits as part of a joint Mission to find Homeless Addicts and Homeless Veterans.

It was on this day that my life changed. I went from living with Homeless Veterans for the past 3 years and building them Shelters, to realizing that Children were being trafficked, molested, raped, and sacrificed, (with a majority of the abuse taking place across the Arizona/Mexico Border) and that someone had to do something about it.

It was on this day that our Ministry evolved from the fight to prevent Veteran Suicides, to the enormous fight to #StopChildTrafficking.

It was on this day, I now realize, that every good deed I had performed would be met with punishment. Every praise once sung about my Programs and Ministry would be replaced with lies and slander. Every suicidal Veteran, drug addict, molested child, mentally ill individual, and homeless person I personally rescued would be forgotten. Almost every positive Media story done would be wiped out and replaced with a smear campaign.

Evil exists in this World and thrives because Good people do nothing… and those of us who do stand up to expose and eliminate Evil are met with a fierce hatred from those who can’t, or simply won’t.

My name is Michael Lewis Arthur Meyer, and the Testimony I will be sharing overtime on this Blog will cover many uncomfortable and controversial subjects, including Child Trafficking, Child Rape, and Child Sacrifice.

I will be setting the record straight on how the Pima County Government with the assistance of the FBI not only covered up a Child Sex Trafficking Camp on CEMEX Property, but also manipulated unsuccessful and envious individuals to slowly dismantle VOP while committing crimes against the few who were brave enough to stand up and fight back against Child Traffickers.

I will introduce you to those who betrayed the Children by hating a man Called to act, and denying they ever existed. You will see a heartbreaking reality that many you thought were heroes, were never for the Children to begin with.

I will provide irrefutable evidence of a Government who formed a Special Task Force to discredit, silence, and dismantle Veterans On Patrol. You will see evidence of crimes that include attempted murder, fraud, theft, and Abuse of Power.

Most importantly, I will show you my personal failures in life situations that have been twisted to suit false narratives about myself, my Family, and our Ministry. Evil wants to shame those of us capable of defeating it by making us care about what others think. I know Evil very intimately and Evil has no room to thrive within me, because I am now a Child of God who cares more about the suffering of Children, than the opinions of others.

In closing, I ask all of you to pray for the Children of our World. Many are still crying in the Desert, while many more have still not received Justice. Thank you for taking the time to read this. To truly know me by my heart, I encourage everyone to watch this Emmy Award Winning Documentary on my Ministry and the Shelters I built for those without a home.

Homeless Shelter built by WFTF Ministries

Evil cannot thrive unless you ignore the Truth. – SOBS