Sometimes Free Will does not include a Choice

Never before seen photo of Lewis Arthur, VOP Founder/Program Creator, preparing for Night Operations on occupied Cemex Property approximately 60yrds from the Child Sex Trafficking Camp. This was taken June 1st, 3 nights after discovering the Camp.

Child Trafficking…

June 1st… my 3rd night drawing a Light to the Child Sex Trafficking Camp located on Cemex Property.

At this time, Veterans on Patrol and Vets 4 Child Rescue are working together to force a proper Investigation.

What we know:

Over 80% of evidence in Camp is Child related, including clothes, shoes, toys, car seats, strollers, child earrings, bloodstained crib mattress, and a purple comb with blonde hair entangled in it.

Most disturbing was several expensive I-Phone cases, boxes of GPS Locators for Navigation purposes, pornography, sex lube, multiple boxes of hair dye, and a Rape Tree that was Authenticated by Craig Sawyer and other experts.

I will not be covering the Child Prison Cell until later.

What was glaring is the absence of drug paraphernalia, alcohol, and adult clothing. Over 30 pairs of Children shoes are scattered across Property.

The Media push started by CBI, a City Service Provider who examined the Camp and confirmed Child Trafficking most probable, Homeless Camp least probable, is gaining momentum and Social Media is on fire.

Tucson Police Department has still sent no one to Investigate citing their Human Trafficking Unit was in Florida at a Convention. We meet for the 3rd consecutive day to negotiate VOP vacating the Property at the request of the Property Leaser.

Intel from Property Management confirmed we are on Cemex Property that a “Mexican Mining Company” had a 30yr Lease paid for… in FULL.

Cartel Scout still present in the area. Moving further Southwest to Pipeline and T.O. Indian Reservation Boundary. Illegal Trafficking Routes from T.O. and San Xavier Missionary confirm a Western Trail towards 3 Points, Arizona.

Anonymous and a new thing called Qanon sending Intelligence on Cemex and more. Podesta Emails, Child Sacrifice, Clinton Global Initiative connections, Adrenochrome, Casa De Los Ninos, Civano Community, Rothschild, Free Masons, and FBI Pedo Symbols are dropped on me.

Down the Rabbit Hole I go after Researching.

Surrounded by experts confirming what I knew had to be the only possible explanation, a Child Trafficking Camp, and seeing all the Evidence repeatedly as I escorted Witnesses into the Camp… my Free Will to walk away was already taken from me before Craig Sawyer sold these Trafficked Children out.

It was a Child Sex Trafficking Camp.

And to this day, no proper Investigation has been done… even AFTER the Tucson Police Department admitted on a Live Video that the self-professed Architects of that camp were “helping poor Migrants from Mexico.”

If you were never abused as a Child, never needed someone to Rescue you, and never felt the Evil which stole from you…

You would have a “Choice” to walk away.

I do not.